tony (tonyz21) wrote in martinithink,

The Hell of a Hello

The hell of a Hello
by Tony Z.

The hell of a hello,
Please try to avoid me tonight.
It's not enough to be an imbecile,
Somehow you miss me every time.
Don't call me tonight.

My only understanding of you
Is at best your avoidance.
How you make me a restriction,
There isn't enough time
A meaningless message you erase.

A victim of my own deviant thoughts,
"Leave a message at the beep".
Messages never answered
Hey, it's me again?call me back.

The hell of saying hello,
Anything you say is always delayed.
Seven major sins,
If I had never said hello,
I wouldn't wait for goodbye.

It only requires an imbecile
To ask you again, a recorded message:
Call me back.
Do you worry about anybody else?
The hell of ever saying hello
Was not knowing when to hang up.

Talking to recorded faint voice
Hey, it's me again, call me back.
There just isn't enough time.
A victim of a hello,
If only you could say goodbye.
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