tony (tonyz21) wrote in martinithink,

Its Spider Cum Man

dartini asked:

I have really sticky cum...REALLY STICKY my ex nicknamed it spiderman webs up when you wet it...I'm talking glue consistency...what the hell causes this and how can I make it more...runny?'s also kinda a trolli nightcrawler worm thing...I need something to sweeten up the deal...ALSO...amount...I wanna be like those porn stars...what the hell do they do to shoot all that shit...I mean...ok...I have really big nuts...and I know boys with smaller nuts than mine and they shoot and shoot and shoot...I don't shoot very little but I also don't coat myself in it...I just want MORE how do i do that?...PLEASE HELP...=)

Tony's Response:

Alright, this one requires me to get out my goggles, in case I get cum in my eyes (it burns). :)

1) Water. Water. Water. You need lots of it, you coffee drinker you :) Usually pineapple juice changes the taste of your cum immediately, I dont know why. But i tried it and it works. This is how my roomates know im dating a "swallower" although i personally dont like it when guys do this (its not the safest thing). :)

2) Sorry to hear about your boy and you ending things. But this gives you time to try new things and certainly learn what buttons to push yourself. Nothing like helping a buddy know the ropes of your own equipment (always have guidelines handy). I as a Mexican american have the bad luck of too much spicy food in my diet so that makes my "stuff" well a little too salty. A healthy diet, like Andrew suggested, goes a long way...Oh and uhm, let us know how it went. We love to hear success stories :)
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