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not so much a question...

what do you boys use to come up with positions...I love moving around all over the palce during sex...I can't just stay in one position for an hour or after the first week with Chris I started throwing in some Yoga-inspired SO good...I Highly reccommend it...downward dog, bridge, warrior 1 pose, plank, and the plow pose all work well. The Kama Sutra is good, but I find that two guys can't do all the shit in there...specially the face to face ones...or the upside down poses...well actually...upside down workes well from the back...say the top is agaisnt a wall...legs spread....bottom is in front, both are facing forward but bottom is in the upside down version of what the top is doing...I guess that one may be more of one that has to be come on boys...share.

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