Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem. (tres_faux) wrote in martinithink,
Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem.

Question of the Day (and Tony was drunk while answering this one):

From fernzola

What do I do about that smegma smell? It makes me have less friends :-(

Answer from Tony:
Dahling, I knew that smell was not coming from the kitchen....Ah well, here we go. I suggest a lot bathing especially the foreskin and such, you know make sure to get all those nasty smells out of there. Also after using your equipment for any reason (such as jacking off or something) wipe it clean, no residue. We uncut boys have to be totally clean freaks downstairs, or we are bound to smell.

But alas, the best solution I have found. Get a boy that has a cold. He wont know what hit him, since he cant smell *usually a cold means lack of smell due to the olfactory smells being killed by those nasty boogies. But as to you not having friends, well I suggest you get friends that are a) not smelling your crotch all the time or b) a very nice cologne and body spray.

Andrew? Anything to add?

Sweetie, I really think Tony is holding something back here. The cause of smegma is of course the foreskin, and so the only real solution is to cut that thing off.

Or have a friend do it for you, I've seen this in leather porn.
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